#PulwamaRevenge – Tide has Turned as 2 Pharma Companies Throw out Employees who Celebrated the Attack on Facebook!

#PulwamaRevenge – Tide has Turned as 2 Pharma Companies Throw out Employees who Celebrated the Attack on Facebook!

That Pulwama attacks have brought about a resolve that is different than usual and the indication that in today’s India, nationalism counts can be seen from how Corporate India is handling things.

Macleods Pharma’s Riyaz Ahmad Wani posted on Facebook a message in Kashmiri – ‘Athh wanaan surgical strike’ which means – ‘This is called surgical strike.”  To this, Iqbal Hussain, an employee with Zydus Healthcare limited, posted comment saying “This is called a real surgical strike”.

On Friday late evening, both the companies issued a suspension notice with a direction to show cause.  The employees have been placed on suspension and asked the employees to show proper supportive evidence as to why management should continue them in the employment within 48 hours.  Failing which, their employment will be terminated immediately.

It seems that the sources in the pharma industry have confirmed that to Economic Times.

We were able to access the letter sent by the Deputy General Manager – HR of Zydus Healthcare Ltd. to Mr. Iqbal Hussain.  Here it is.

Tide has Turned

We had said in our last post that Pakistan has severely underestimated the new reality of India.  There is a different level and flavor of nationalistic resolve this time in India.  And, it can and will fight the betrayal of the so-called Secular groups, which Pakistan has always depended on.  No more.

And, this action by two corporate groups, without any care for allegations by the “Seculars” of being “communal” – because for that group ONLY people of one group when hurt qualify help qualify the event as communal.  And, these terminations has the hallmark of all those.  Yet, nationalism triumphed.

While Macleods Pharma is a Mumbai based company, Zydus Cadilla Healthcare is Ahmedabad based pharma company.

Now the time has come for the Indian government to do what India has never done before with Pakistan.  This kind of mandate does not come to any government often.  And it should never be wasted either.

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