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Qaddafi wants 200 French women in his Tent

For all the talk against adultery and severe – actually inhuman – punishments in Islam and specifically carried out in Arab states, the Arab men are remarkably adulterous!  Everyone knows about the Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and other countries – how they travel to Asian countries to satisfy their urges.

Now, here is Libyan leader Qaddafi openly requesting 200 attractive French females in his tent while he will be there to sign a nuclear agreement!

Libyan leader Kaddafi who is on the way to France to sign a nuclear energy agreement had an interesting request: “I want my tent to be erected near Elysee Palace. I want to meet 200 attractive French women there.”

Heck, even the terrorists – the poor Jehadis – fight in the hope of getting the many “Hoors” or virgin women/angels in their heavenly harem!  What a farce of chastity!