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Last updated on Nov 7, 2008

Posted on Nov 7, 2008

Wanted to bring to you some questions from the 129th hymn of the Rig Veda.  These are questions that are indeed worth pondering upon… they point to a mind that does not want to create an artificial and intellectual answer and claim the conundrum is “solved”.  It takes questions and doubts as central to the exploration.

1. Then there was neither being nor not-being. The atmosphere was not, nor sky above it. What covered all?
and where? by what protected? Was there the fathomless abyss of waters?

2. Then neither death nor deathless existed; Of day and night there was yet no distinction. Alone that one
breathed calmly, self-supported, Other than It was none, nor aught above It.

3. Darkness there was at first in darkness hidden; The universe was undistinguished water. That which in void
and emptiness lay hidden Alone by power of fervor was developed.

4. Then for the first time there arose desire, Which was the primal germ of mind, within it. And sages,
searching in their heart, discovered In Nothing the connecting bond of Being.

6. Who is it knows? Who here can tell us surely From what and how this universe has risen? And whether not
till after it the gods lived? Who then can know from what it has arisen?

7. The source from which this universe has risen, And whether it was made, or uncreated, He only knows,
who from the highest heaven Rules, the all-seeing lord–or does not He know

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