#QuestionsofLife: Ep-10 | What is Ego?

Ego. A jargon that is the basis of everything we perceive in society today. And, in many ways linked to the many ills we have manufactured. Vivek Agnihotri and Desh Kapoor investigate ego.

#QuestionsofLife: Ep-10 | What is Ego?
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What is ego?  Is there a “good ego”?  How is ego different from pride?  Can ego lead to ideologies?

Ego is so much part of our day-to-day jargon and conversations that we do not even pause to think through its intricacies.  Yet, in many ways it central to the world we have built around ourselves.

Our love, our obsessions, our battles even the need to go out and shop - everything is in some way linked to what we call ego.

If something is so critical to the image of our own selves - shouldn’t we investigate that a bit?

We do just that in a very intense and deeply involved discussion - in our next episode on Sunday, 10 AM India Time.

Please do join National Award-winning Bollywood Director, Writer, Thinker, and Influencer Vivek Agnihotri and I explore this question this Sunday on #VRATV for this very special one!

Sunday, 10 AM India Time and Saturday 11.30 PM Central Time in the US, Sunday 3.30 PM Sydney Australia, and Sunday 4.30 AM London Time we will be on VRA TV exploring #QuestionsofLife.

Click here to go to the #IAmBuddha Channel to watch the show at the time shared above.

I Am Buddha Channel

Mark your calendars and open up that slot for some time with us in a refreshing discussion on this topic. At that time, you can click on the Youtube link below.

It is will be a very invigorating discussion where we will share our unique perspectives and thoughts to nudge us all to further exploration. Please do watch us both on the #IamBuddha YouTube channel.

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