#QuestionsofLife: What is God?

What or who is God? How have the Sages in India approached this question? How have the scientists approached this question? Explore this with National Award winner Vivek Agnihotri and me.

#QuestionsofLife: What is God?

What or Who is God?  Is there one?

These are questions that both the Spiritual seekers and Scientists have searched for.

National Award-winning Bollywood Director, Writer, Thinker and Influencer Vivek Agnihotri and I explore this question

Tomorrow, 10 AM India Time and Saturday 11.30 PM Central Time in the US, Sunday 3.30 PM Sydney Australia, and Sunday 4.30 AM London Time I will be with Vivek Agnihotri on VRA TV exploring #QuestionsofLife.

Click here to go to the #IAmBuddha Channel.

I Am Buddha Channel

Mark your calendars and open up that slot for some time with us in a refreshing discussion on this topic.

It is will be a very invigorating discussion where we will share our experiences and thoughts to nudge us all to further exploration. Please do watch us both on the #IamBuddha YouTube channel.


Please share your comments after you watch the show here.

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