Quick Global War Updates

Latest update on the Global War that is happening as we speak.

Quick Global War Updates

There is a lot happening around the world. Most of the media is either not tapping on all of the important points and events or missing the significance. Through these weeks, which are extremely important, we would like to share quick updates as they happen.

Foreign Nationals Stuck in Gaza

American officials said that Israel and Egypt were prepared to let foreigners leave the Strip which is under heavy Israeli bombardment, but Hamas had refused. At least 200 British citizens are thought to be registered with the UK authorities inside the coastal enclave, and some 600 Americans, as well as many other nationalities. (Source: MSN)

Rockets from Lebanon

Rockets fired from Lebanon at north; IDF strikes terror cells, Hezbollah sites
IDF says it bombed terror group’s positions in southern Lebanon in response to attacks; Israel also said to hit Syrian military, pro-Iran militia targets in response to shelling

The war has now broadened to Lebanon and Hezbollah.

Several rocket volleys were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel on Sunday, and the Israel Defense Forces said it hit terror cells and sites belonging to the Hezbollah terror group, as skirmishes continued on the northern frontier and the army continues its war with Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip in the south.

Erdogan Continues his Jingoism

Erdogan vows victory over ‘imperialists’ on Turkey’s centenary
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Sunday to stand up to “imperialist” forces as he led Turkish centenary celebrations in the shadow of Israel’s escalating war with Hamas militants in Gaza.These competing forces were on full display as Erdogan moved from honouring Turkey’s past to celebrating h…

In our weekend newsletter, we had shared how Erdogan had warned of Turkey joining directly. He has repeated it.

"Our country is in safe hands, you may rest in peace," Erdogan said after laying a wreath at the mausoleum of military commander and statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. "We will be successful and victorious. No imperialist power can prevent this," Erdogan added in an evening address in Istanbul.

Anti-Semitic Hate Continues

The rift in the US society and proliferation of hate within the top university campuses has increased manifold.

Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., notified the FBI of a potential hate crime after antisemitic messages threatening the school’s Jewish community and referencing the ongoing Israel-Gaza war were posted to an online forum on Sunday. The threats specifically named one university building, the Cornell Center for Jewish Living. (Source: MSN)

Soviet-Chinese Conclave

Top China, Russia officials warn foreign forces stoking turmoil
Top Chinese and Russian officials warned Monday that foreign forces were seeking to sow turmoil in Asia and beyond as they opened an international defence conference in Beijing.And Zhang -- who embraced Shoigu on the sidelines of the forum -- pledged Monday that Beijing would seek to “deepen strateg…

If you are into geopolitics, this was one event that should be your focus. It was an extremely significant defense conference in Beijing and there have been huge concerns from China and Russia on what is now being called a "Global War".

Chinese and Russian officials warned of foreign forces causing turmoil in Asia and beyond at an international defense conference in Beijing. The Xiangshan Forum, attended by representatives from 90 countries, was held in response to Singapore's Shangri-La Dialogue. China's Defence Minister was absent, following the sudden dismissal of Minister Li Shangfu. Zhang Youxia, a senior Chinese military official, expressed concerns about the current international situation, citing the emergence of hotspot issues and the ongoing pain of war, chaos, and loss of life.

Btw, a  long-time ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin,  Vladimir Solovyov has "warned of an incoming new world war that, in his claims, would see the West pitted against Muslims all over the world, whom Russia would back with the supply of weapons." He is calling it a Global Jihad.

Putin ally issues ominous warning of world war
“Do you even understand what will happen if a global jihad will start?” asked Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov.

Latino Mobs Have Breached US

Venezuela’s worst criminals and gangs cross border into US cities
Henchmen for Venezuela’s dictator and many of Venezuela’s worst criminals have crossed the US border and are now causing chaos in major American cities, including Dallas, Miami and Chicago

Along with the ex-PLA soldiers, Latino mobsters and gangsters have also entered the US in record numbers. Just an FYI - over 334,914 Venezuelan citizens have crossed into the US in fiscal year 2023, according to US Customs and Border Protection statistics.

Venezuela's worst gangsters have crossed into the US illegally and are unleashing chaos in Dallas, Chicago, and Miami - with fearful residents saying they've had tires slashed, and windows shot out in retribution for reporting them to cops.

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