Rajesh Khanna, from Super-stardom to Lonely Darkness

Rajesh Khanna was India’s first Super Star.  Some say he could do with his eyes what other men couldn’t do with their entire body.

His mannerisms, his smile, his dialog delivery, the way he would look on when someone had already left the scene, his way of sharing pain and his simple but good looks.

Rajesh Khanna in Havell ad

He was my first favorite of all the heros in Bollywood.  I would wait to see his movies on Doordarshan when the movie would come on Sunday.  His songs meant something special all the time.  More than I could ever like him, I know that the girls in India loved him like no other actor before him.

But the dashing and handsome guy with the million dollar face is now old and sick.  Very sick.

Recently however, one adman invited him to do an ad.  On fans.  Which after a long time earned him some money.  What did he do with that money?  He bought a BMW for his daughter, Rinke.

Although his wife, Dimple Khanna had left him long time back but in her ex-husband’s toughest time, she is back.  From 1 pm to 10 pm she spends her day caring for him in his days.

One day he will also bow out of this world like many others before him, leaving behind his charm that no one could ever match.

Rajesh Khanna the Superstar

Here is a very interesting series on Rajesh Khanna, the charmer and Rajesh Khanna, the insecure person, as he struggles when he sees his stardom collapsing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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