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Morari Bapu

First Sri Sri Ravi Shankar went to Pakistan with his Sudarshan Kriya and the Art of Living, and now Morari Bapu will enter Iraq’s Karbala and shares the Ram Katha (story of Ram) with the people there.

Karbala is the third holiest city – after Mecca and Medina for the Shia Muslims. The necessary clearance has yet to come though.  Morari Bapu has shared the Ram Katha in many places and wants to continue to do so with a wish to raise the human consciousness and bring peace.

The Ram kathakar has also got necessary clearances for holding discourses in Jerusalem in Israel from May 1-9 and in Nagasaki from August 4-12 – the katha will coincide with the anniversary of the atomic bombing of the Japanese city, on August 9.

Morari Bapu will be accompanied by Indian Muslims to Karbala and his Ram Katha in Jerusalem will be attended by Indians in that area as well.

A delegation comprising Muslim religious leaders from India is likely to accompany him to Iraq. “Many who believe in peace will accompany us,” said Bapu, adding he was confident of getting the clearances from Iraq.
A number of Indians settled abroad will attend the discourse at the Old City of Jerusalem, which is an important religious place for Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is home to the Western Wall for Jews, the Church of Holy Sepulchre for Christians and the al-Aqsa mosque for Muslims.

Such efforts are important to bring harmony and peace in the world, so they should be backed by all.