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Ramdev can’t talk on Corruption, only do Yoga: Congress Gestapo


It is amusing to watch how the Government and certain forces are frightened of the Spiritual leaders coming out against corruption in the country.  And they use the media blatantly for propagating their agenda.  And it helps if they have an army of brain-dead citizens writing blogs which have no thinking ability and follow the same foot steps.

Baba Ramdev has been protesting the corruption in the country for last few years.  His work is now reaching a crescendo.  He wants to hold a Satyagraha in New Delhi where he estimates that crores will join and sit in Satyagraha.

In a move reminiscent of British Raj, the Delhi Police has given him permission to hold Yoga Shivir from June 1 to June 20, but he can only teach Yoga.  He cannot talk of Corruption!  Neither can he give a speech on corruption nor can he make any demands from the Government.

He has been granted permission only for holding a yoga shivir from June 1 to 20 and that too only for about 5,000 people. This means that yoga guru Ramdev cannot give a speech against corruption or make any demands from the government. Sources in Delhi Police said, “No procession or dharna will be allowed at the Ramlila Maidan during these 20 days.”


Are we really living in a democracy?  Will someone be told what he can say or not say?  Will the Government BAR us from making demands off of it to STOP Corruption?

Further still, it gets even more moronic – Ramdev can hold a Dharna at Jantar Mantar, but he can address only 200 people.  So, he has to count how many people are there in front of him?  What if the 201st person comes strolling down?  What if everyone in the vicinity wants to listen to him?  What if all the people coming in to Delhi from outside want to congregate?

Yes, it is inconvenient for many.  But so is Corruption!

Here is his response:

Ramdev’s spokesman, S K Tijarawala, told TOI, “The satyagraha will take place at Jantar Mantar. “It’s a historic movement in which about 50 million people will be joining Swamiji. If somebody wants to join a satyagraha, how can somebody stop them? We will abide by the rules laid by the administration and police. There will be no inconvenience to the public.”

What surprises me is the blatant temerity of the Government.  First Digvijay came out saying that Ramdev won’t get the same response as Anna Hazare got.  It obviously showed the frustration of Congress and Digvijay.  It showed how desperate they are that they wouldn’t mind making threats and spins which are so thinly veiled.

Now obviously they somehow seem to have come to know the folly of their assumptions, so its gone to the extent of curbing the Freedom of Speech.  You can meet but only do Yoga… no speaking… and especially no speaking about me!

The blatant manner in which this Government has gone about targeting the anti-corruption group and also the religious and spiritual leadership in any way, shape or form related to the Dharmic Hue (non-Abrahamic Dharmas* – including Hindus, Buddhism, Sikh etc) – is very telling.  It is also instructive how the top politicians close to the power have over the years converted their religions.  Ambika Soni is a converted Christian.  So is Brinda Karat.  And these gals target the Hindu leaders, bodies and belief systems blatantly.  And just because its not clear to the public where their religious allegiance is, they believe that it is something righteous to do.

One needs to question things happening in public and in media.  But most don’t.  Its not about pushing a Hindu/Dharmic agenda on others.  Hindus never had anything like a “religion”.  This is a foreign construct.  Those who believe in everyone having the same rights of soul and spiritual awakening – everything in the Universe – is a Hindu.  Everyone was tagged as a Hindu by those who had no other framwork other than categorizing people.  Now, that someone has put me, willy nilly, in a room; I would be foolish to now allow him to put this room on fire.  If your wont is living in silos of manufactured divinity – which the Abrahamic Religions propagate – then that is your problem and one has no issue with it.  Please live happily in that world.  But don’t go around telling others on how to live.  That is NOT your business!

And that is PRECISELY the mindset being shown by the Government.  You guys want to plunder?  Shame on you, but that’s your deal.  Don’t tell us that we cannot protest it!  And please stop telling who can say what and what he cannot.  That is NOT your business!!

* I consider Abrahamic “faiths” as Religions, and All the Eastern “faiths” (Hinduism, Budddhism, Sikhism, Taoism etc) as Dharmas.  The difference is – in the former case, God is an invention… in the latter, God is a Discovery.  Former competes for God, the latter accepts every inch as God or worthy of reverence.