Rat, donkey, dog, pig, frog meat and locust biryani – Pakistan’s new culinary delights

Rat, donkey, dog, pig, frog meat and locust biryani – Pakistan’s new culinary delights

Pakistani cuisine is changing as Rat meat and locust biryani take the central stage.

Pakistan is going through a major economic crisis as it is on the brink of being bankrupt.  And within the country, the inflation is on a high and jobs are not growing as the economy comes to a screeching halt.  At this time of crisis, the character of a nation comes through.  And you see strange things happening there.

The restaurants and markets have started cutting corners and started selling rat meat, dog meat, donkey meat, frog meat, and even biryani made of locusts!

Rat meat to locusts biryani – Pakistan’s new culinary shift

200 kgs of dead frogs being transported to a restaurant were recovered by Punjab police in September 2019.

Punjab Police caught a rickshaw loaded with 200kg dead frogs near New Ravi Bridge. The frogs, according to certain reports, were being transported to an eatery where they were to be served as food to customers. (source)

There was a conspiracy – though not fully verified that Karachi’s popular dhaba, Chai Wala was using rat meat in its famous meat paranthas.

Meanwhile, in Karachi, two butchers were slaughtering dogs and selling dog meat in the guise of goat meat!

Acting on a tip-off, police conducted a raid in Ibrahim Hyderi and arrested two men Imran and Shahab who were slaughtering dogs on a building’s rooftop. (source)

That’s not all, the government knows that in Pakistan pork, donkey and dog meat is being sold.

Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi, who took charge of his office on Monday, has said pork, donkey and dog’s meat was being sold in the capital. Speaking at the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, the newly-appointed minister said this trend needed to be checked. (source)

And, if these culinary ‘delights’ were not enough, Pakistanis are now being treated to locust biryani!  Such is the state of affairs.  Of course, the restaurant which sells it passes it off as amazingly tasteful.  Which it may be.  But was this part of the natural diet in the country?  Well, economic crises can make anything happen in a society.


It is nobody’s business what the other guy eats.  But the fact is that the food administration is so out of date with what is happening in that country and corruption so high that the restaurants and eating places can get away with anything these days.  In some cases, the meats may not even be healthy or nutritious or even poisonous.  Some may start some disease.  But with “everything goes” way of things, the real image will emerge when something goes wrong.  Just one simple thing like rat meat of rats not properly sanitized and treated can prove deadly at a very large scale very quickly!

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