Re-designed User Profiles on Drishtikone

I have been eyeing a good way to show the User profiles better on Drishtikone.  And finally I got the answer in Advanced Profile Kit module of Drupal.  It is not easy to install and I have tried it before but it did not work.  Now, it seems that the documentation is more uptodate and better written.

The key to its installing were the rather excellent instructions on Drupal given by Michelle – the creator of the module.   Of course, it will take me time to get my stuff to a point where she is but I have made a start.  Over time I will take it there.  The Panels module – that is installed as part of this process has some really incredible options.. which I intend to use (including drag and drop functionality).

Please do check out your own and each other’s profiles from the right hand sidebar.  I will add a list of all users on a page as well so you can have better access to other users.  Also soon, I will add Private-Messaging – so that we all can start interacting with each other.  What do you think?  Would that be useful?

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