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Last updated on Nov 22, 2010

Posted on Nov 22, 2010


I haven’t read a fiction book in decades.  It’s not that I haven’t tried, but I can’t proceed more than a couple of pages.  They aren’t exciting enough.  Life, the way it unfolds – with its happiness, sorrow, pain, joy etc. comes with a new story every moment.

It is so much more fun, living life as it happens as both the writer as well as the reader, that anything written by any writer looks uninteresting.  A writer, however brilliant, has to conjure up details of life in its natural progression.  No matter what s/he may think up, the authenticity of life’s turns and complexity can never be anticipated or articulated.  Fiction really looks stale compared to the story of life as it unfolds.  Every moment.  Moment by moment.

When I was down, I looked at the ironies of life.. . the contrast from not to distant past.. and would smile at the interesting turns life took.  Not that it is always exciting to live in a downturn of life.  But the fleeting and temporary nature of every moment promises at least one thing – excitement.

Change is the best thing that the creator of concept of life came up with.  Every moment is its own.  Not only is the moment dynamic, fleeting, temporary but also inviolable.  You cannot destroy a moment which is upon you.  Present, the Now, has a new reference with every moment.  Even though the underlying reference may change, the life remains only within the confines of the Present.

And not only is the Present ever present, yet changing, we also have a mind that helps us interpret it all.  This mind not just evaluates the moments gone by but also attempts to anticipate the future based on the past interpretations.

Even if two twins were made to experience same events for many years, they would come up with completely different interpretations.  Mind gives its own color to every moment.  And every color is different.  It has its own magic and beauty.

Take up some of the most intense times in your life.  And then think through your interpretations.  Then ask those of those you experienced those moments with.  The chances are that your stories would be very different and an interesting set of interpretations to sit through as they are told.

Am not saying that one should constantly keep looking at life as a story writer.  But its probably far more fun to live it as a reader.

Savor each moment as you would every word of the best works of a top fictional writer.  For, your story of life is a story written in real time by your mind.  aka. YOU!   So, go ahead and enjoy your own magnum opus – your life!!

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