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After reading many things on Netaji (Subhash Chandra Bose) and Swami Vivekananda – the two intellectual giants of their own field (and many other!), I constantly wonder at the society which bred such minds!

Bengal has been an eventful place to say the least.  Bengalis have the distinction of the highest number of Nobel prizes within India – two.  There could have been many others but unfortunately they did not happen – JB Bose and Satyen Bose would be my two candidates.  In any case, Bengal had been the hotbed of intellectuals who acted!

If one goes to the Bengal of today – one cannot believe what I am saying would be true.  Act part is gone.  Only pseudo-intellectual curiosities are left and utter decline in life is clearly visible!

Once the most industrial state in India, Bengal has been shunned by the Industry in the last two decades.

There was a time when Bengal was great.  That created a pride in the superiority in the inhabitants.  Now the greatness is all but absent – at least in the scenes on the ground.  The pride remains.  And that is ever more damning.

What is responsible for the decline of Bengal?  What has changed the Bengali youth from the first row kid in the Indian theater to the last row loser of the new vibrant and economically upcoming India?

Anyone wants to share their thoughts?