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Rude, Chinese police thugs in London to "protect" torch

Raj sends this link – which shows that the Chinese guards are in London as well!  So, Chinese have found a perfect ploy to get into the heart of as many cities as they can and do their reconnaisance for the future, maybe?  It may sound paranoid, but isnt China up for any way to fight against the other countries.  Remember when it brought down a US plane to open the heart out of it and probably reverse engineer it altogether?

The anger is understandable!  First, they have no business to be there.. Second, their attitude and bahevior has left a lot to be desired!

But the aggression with which the guards have been pursuing their brief has provoked anger, not least in London where they were seen wrestling protesters to the ground and were described as “thugs” by Lord Coe.
The Olympic medallist and organiser of the 2012 Games was overheard saying that the officials had pushed him around as the torch made its way through the capital on Sunday. He added that other countries on the route should “get rid of those guys”.
“They tried to punch me out of the way three times. They are horrible. They did not speak English . . . I think they were thugs.”