Salman Khan of Khan Academy with Bill Gates: The Future of Education

Salman Khan, an analyst from Hedge Fund, is the founder of Khan Academy, world’s greatest online university on Youtube.  Bill Gates says of this effort – “You just got a glimpse at the future of education.”

Gates organized a TED session this year and brought Salman Khan, an educator that left his job as a hedge fund analyst to pursue online video education, now reaching 1 million students per month.
“The first feedback came from my cousins. They told me that they preferred me on YouTube than in person.”
“And so you can imagine, so here I was, an analyst at a hedge fund. It was very strange for me to do something of social value.”
“If Isaac Newton had done YouTube videos on calculus, I wouldn’t have to.
well.. assuming he was good.”
In an interesting flip to the traditional classroom script, teachers can assign the videos and interactive online exercises for home and do what used to be homework in the classroom.
“By removing the one-size-fits all lecture from the classroom and letting students do work and interact with each other in class, these teachers have used technology to humanize the classroom.”

Now see the video.

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