Satyan Gajwani inks alliance with Gawker Media to bring Gizmodo and Lifehacker to India

Satyan Gajwani, Times Internet CEO is on a roll.  Recently, he had acquired a share in and now has signed up an alliance with Gawker Media to bring web properties like Lifehacker and Gizmodo to the Indian public with original content for India.

Gawker Media, which already has a presence in eight countries, is expanding its international reach even further. Nick Denton, the founder of the company and blog network, announced yesterday that it has entered a strategic partnership with Times Internet, the digital arm of India’s Times Group. Times Internet will manage the Indian versions of Gizmodo andLifehacker, both of which will offer a combination of original articles and content from their parent sites.

Here is a very interesting discussion with Satyan on the future of his company and specifically on the alliance with Gawker Media from Techcrunch.  Just wanted to share the way he got the deal… pretty cool guy this Satyan!

How did the deal between Gawker Media and Times Internet develop? What were the key issues your two companies considered?
I cold-called Nick and Gaby nearly 2 years ago, and we’ve kept the relationship going since then. We’ve both been very conservative and taken our time to structure out the deal intelligently, because we both want it to succeed. For both of us, the major issues we needed to address were editorial and commercial, and so we spent the time to understand the dynamics for both of us to make it work.

Do check out the whole interview and this link on Satyan himself – How did Satyan Gajwani become Times Internet CEO at just 27? (And his reply!)

What’s next? Gizmodo, Lifehacker enter India, by @satyangajwani @Timesinternet

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