SC Report: Corporates Float Front NGOs to Siphon off thousands of crores of Ration meant for poor infants and their mothers!

Some days you read something that bring tears to your eyes, despite the evil that you may have seen in the world.. specially in India.

What is happening in India in the name of greed and profit is so mindboggling and shameful.  While the corporates using their middlemen are looting the food meant for the poor, the poor are dying from hunger!  They do not even shy from stealing food meant for poor kids and their mothers!

Private companies have hijacked the government’s flagship scheme to provide food to poor children and their mothers, the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), with contractors in Maharashtra alone controlling Rs 1,000 crore worth of supplies in contravention of Supreme Court orders, a report of the SC commissioners office has said.

This kind of loot is surely happening everywhere, but the report specifically mentions these states – Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Maharashtra.  What is ICDS:

The ICDS is India’s primary social welfare scheme to tackle malnutrition and health problems in poor children below 6 years of age and their mothers. It is considered the backbone of government’s efforts to improve the dismal family health indices in India – some of the worst even among developing countries.

The  ICDS rations supply “business” is worth Rs 8,000 crore, and the report asserts that the Corporates-Contractor lobby has a steel like firm stranglehold of this “business”.  These unscrupulous parasites on the society float fronts which act as vehicles to siphon off the money and supplies to their own banks!

Detailing Maharashtra’s case, the report said private companies had floated fronts in the names of ‘mahila mandals’ or women’s organizations to corner the lucrative Rs 1,000 crore annual supply of rations.

In a country, where even today, the means available to poor are so meagre that in some areas, they even resort to eating GRASS to stay alive [Read Rich loot in India while poor eat grass]  But we have these rich, who do not think twice before looting from infants and their mothers – the future of this country – and pushing them to hunger and death!

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