Senior Delhi Lawyers caught conspiring against Defendant in Nanda's BMW case

Last updated on May 31, 2007

Posted on May 31, 2007

Finally someone shows what we all suspected forever!  These lawyers – specially the senior ones have been taking money and compromising on justice!  I am not sure what this Anand guy – he is a senior lawyer, btw in Delhi – talking to his opponent lawyer on how to help him.. I am sure it wasn’t motivated by his suddenly found love for that lawyer.  Somewhere along the line a quid-pro-quo happened!!  And before RK Anand started thinking or talking along those lines… money would have been delivered to his door already!!  That is a safe assumption.  Now, how much he jeopardized his client’s case is anybody’s guess and how much he cheated him can be debated.  But he definitely has lost a lot of reputation as has Khan.  Having worked on a case (civil one) in Delhi High Court, I would strongly say that you keep a sharp eye on your lawyer!

The TV expose that showed two counsels, public prosecutor I U Khan and defence lawyer R K Anand, working in concert to prevent a key witness in the BMW case from deposing against the rich Sanjeev Nanda, is a fit case of professional misconduct and may invite suspension or revocation of the license of an advocate under the Advocates Act, 1961.
The discussions aired on television may not be taken as privileged communication between client and lawyer. The Advocates Act, 1961, empowers the Bar Council to take action against an advocate for professional misconduct. The Bar Council is empowered under Section 35 of the Act to punish advocates for professional misconduct.
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