Shammi Kapoor is no more: Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paoge

Last updated on Aug 15, 2011

Posted on Aug 15, 2011


Today Shammi Kapoor passed away at 5.15 AM.  He wasn’t an ordinary actor.  He had spontaneity of a flowing stream and the naughtiness of a small terrier.  He could do anything at any time.  Even though others either couldn’t dance around him or were tutored for hours on their steps, he could come out and simply be himself and a dance would emerge.

Shammi Kapoor was not a critics’ actor.  He wasn’t one who would win the greatest actor’s award.  Nor were his movies the greatest cinematic creations.  That was left for others.  What he created no one could.  He created magic out of complete rebellion from form and structure.

To complete grasp this point, please check out one of the greatest actor India has produced – Naseeruddin Shah – trying to copy Shammi Kapoor.  He looks so out of sorts, that it’s just ridiculous:

There are many songs where he acted on and danced to, but I wanted to list 6 which are my top favorites.  They are in different genres and have him emoting and jiving, the way only he could.

  1. Tum mujhe yun bhula na paaoge – Pagla Kahin Ka
  2. O Haseena zulfon waali – Teesri Manzil
  3. Yeh Chand sa roshan chehra – Kashmir ki Kali
  4. Dheere chal dheere chal ae Bheegi hawa – BoyFriend
  5. Badan pe Sitaare lapete huye – Prince
  6. Baar Baar Dekho Hazaar Baar Dekho – Chinatown

For a special visual treat, watch these two videos created as tribute to the great man!

Tribute to Shammi Kapoor Part I

Tribute to Shammi Kapoor Part II

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