Sharia for whole of Pakistan: Taliban

Last updated on Apr 20, 2009

Posted on Apr 20, 2009

“(Sharia) is not only for Malakand division, it is for all humanity, for all Muslims. So we will go more for implementation of Quran, Shariah-e-Muhammadi, not only in Malakand division, but other parts of Pakistan also,”

This was Muslim Khan, Taliban spokesman talking to Dawn News channel in an interview.

So, cat is out of the bag now.  Fareed Zakaria was repeating ad nauseum that Taliban is not a threat to the world.. but just the NWFP etc.  Well, they aren’t trying to capture Pakistan to have a better stock of peanuts in their shanties but their aim of Pakistan is really of its Nukes.  The rest is really chaff and can be dispensed with.  Same goes for most Pakistani analysts.

I am sure folks like Hamid Gul and Zaid Hamid will be very happy.  Instead of the “Hindu and Jewish Zionists”, someone Muslim will make sure their life is as close to hell as can be.  When their own daughters is hit out in public by those goons or even their grandmothers will be targeted for going out with them… then I think the magnitude of the issue will come to be understood.  The TV that they talk on so eloquently, will be a thing of the past and any reference to even Jinnah would be a blasphemy.  That’s the Pakistan this coming generation will live in.

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