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Shoaib Akhtar, T20 and the Pakistani syndrome

Shoaib is suffering from genital viral warts and electrofulgration [a surgical procedure] was done on May 12, 2009.  His wound though healing needs further care and treatment for another minimum ten days for the purpose of healing and to achieve skin cover.

Is that graphic enough or do you want the picture and the measurements of the organ in question?

This was part of a press release given out by Pakistan’s Cricket Board for the reason why Akhtar was not part of the T20 World Cup team.  Honestly, Shoaib Akhtar is not the most disciplined or the greatest of cricketers.  But he is damn good in what he does.  This is the worst way you could humiliate a person like him publicly!  I wonder what he thinks about playing for Pakistan again?

It is my theory that the way to keep Pakistanis busy is have them forcibly live together and just be with themselves.  They will end up fighting and humiliating each other so much that they will forget the others.  I have seen it in my city in the US.  There are so many radio shows.. most of them owned by Pakistanis.  From 1997 onwards I have been listening to the acrimony.  One humiliates the other “oh he is a lower cast guy.. obviously he has no class” then the other would call this guy a “Haramzada” on air…. all after promising to speak in “Shaeesta Andaaz” (piuos way).  Yeah Right!!  😉

I often think that Pakistan has just one religion to contend with (yeah yeah .. others are there.. but they are canon fodder and who cares for their rights anyways!!).. and YET.. they keep fighting with each other.  I have never ever heard a mosque in India getting bombed or suicide bombings in a mosque – Shia or Sunni.  But in Pakistan, it is pretty common to have a few such bombings with several scores dying each year!  And we are talking just ONE religion.  Yes, it is a different denomination.. but so what?

We, in India, have as much complexity of that one religion, but God knows how many OTHER religions and THEIR denominations.. ALL sticking together.  And yet the incidents of religious tensions are so much fewer and nowhere close in the barbarity and scale.

So, if the founders wanted a safe haven for Islam.. they have actually achieved the EXACT opposite!

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