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SIMI's ban lifted a week after it bombed the heck out of India

August 6, 2008: Well, finally Supreme Court has slapped the ban back on SIMI.

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Masochism taken to a new level.. truly!

Here is another example of how the current Government has been functioning COMPULSIVELY CRIMINAL!  Everyone knows that Students Islamic Movement of India is a terrorist organization with just ONE major aim – to launch a war against India with the help of Pakistan’s ISI and other elements.

There is no argument about this – except for in the quarters of the ISI or India’s wretched pseudo-secular “Intellectuals” who have clearly over-stayed their welcome in India.. and should board the next flight out with a Talibanese passport.

As for the rest of us, we will have to keep our eyes and ears open and save ourselves.  For, the government which SHOULD have gathered, documented and presented enough proof on SIMI’s involvement as a terrorist organization, has done zilch!  And, I believe, deliberately so!  It isn’t so naive!

So, what’s the result?  Delhi High Court lifts the ban on SIMI because it could not find enough evidence!  Can you believe this?  A week after over 50 bombs were planted by the off-shoot of SIMI, Delhi’s High Court were not furnished enough evidence against SIMI??

And also, it must be mentioned that this is another example of the case where the right laws were thrown out and nothing is in place – as per LAW – to prosecute ANYONE who goes around BOMBING the innocents with IMPUNITY!  Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) was lifted due to outcry from “Human Rights Activists” with no alternative in place to try the terrorists!  Now, we are in a truly unique situation in India:

– anyone can barge in to India and claim human rights
– bomb the country and nudge the next door Human rights activist who will help him purge out the ONLY remaining laws to even try – if the friendly politician’s (someone in the Home ministry or the Prime Minister’s office) fails..
– and walk out on the road planning his next move with a confident air about him!

Now, you know why India’s Supreme Court shouts out “Even God cannot save India”!!

What could be the effect of this lifting of ban?  SIMI and other such organizations which had to rush to Pakistan where their officials are residing, they will not have to waste even that much money!  They can buy a house on the same road as India’s Parliament and bomb the heck out of it!!

Sometimes I really RUE the fact that the attack on India’s Parliament failed!  If there was any attack in India that should have succeeded THAT was the one!  At least if these idiots had been shot at .. at close range and some of them killed.. they would have at least have some (not much) but SOME understanding of plight of the common man!

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