Spammers Windfall: Now send spam to a famous person by paying Facebook $100!

So here is another Facebook idiosyncratic revenue model practice.  If you’re sending a message to a random person on Facebook, they’ll charge you $1 to skip the spam filter and actually have the email delivered into the inbox.  But if the recipient has a lot of followers, Facebook will charge you $100.

Facebook has said they’re just testing the service to see if they can get away with it.  Btw, the recipient doesn’t get a penny from the moneys paid by spammers. S/he ONLY gets the spam and Facebook gets the money. Thank you very much!!

Mashable broke the whole news to the world!

If you try to send founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message on Facebook, Mashable discovered Thursday, the social network may offer to keep the message out of his “Other” Inbox — for a cool $100.
In our tests from multiple accounts, it appeared to be the case that users only get this message if they’re not one of Zuck’s 16 million followers. That, however, could still be coincidental.
Keen Facebook observers will recognize this as a variant on the $1 pay-to-message plan that the social network has been experimenting with for months. The company indicated at the time that it would be experimenting with other prices, so it’s possible we’re starting to see the fruits of that.

Image courtesy: Mashable

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