The Spiritual Olympics

Last updated on Aug 23, 2008

Posted on Aug 23, 2008

Last night, it rained heavenly where I live, so I went to bed late. While it was pouring I turn on the TV, and I watched the Olympic Games. I enjoyed watching the women swimmers; I noticed a great resemblance in their body structures with those of men swimmers. Then I saw the men’s gymnastic performances, and I noticed a very big difference in their body structures with those of the common man. Their arms were developed with great strength. I also was aware about their focus. Their trained minds most accompany their trained bodies. There most be a harmonious balance between these two aspects.

This morning, I went for my long walk about an hour and a half later than usual. The day was brighter. I was able to smell the wet grass, and soil. To my mind arrived the images about the Olympic athletes watched the previous night, and I wondered why weren’t there spiritual Olympic games, as soon as I asked this question, the answer came to my mind. In the spiritual realm, every day there are spiritual performances, but instead of getting bronze, silver, and gold medals the champions are given an increase of their circle of service. No applauses, no material recognition is granted to these blessed p human beings. This thought brought me the next idea association: Who are superior human beings? If to your mind came scenes of famous people, you most think again. There are no sex differences, no age differences either. These blessed people are not usually rich or famous. They are rarely detected by us.

Our superior human beings, I say “our” because that’s what they are. They undoubtedlly are our servants. These special people have cultivated a cool indifference to criticism. Obtaining brilliant accomplishments, or social prestige don’t matter to them. Their common denominator is that all of them share very fervent soul personalities. Through experiencing many past lives, they all have learnt to serve. They consider themselves servants of the human race. They all have chosen to be lights of the world, in spite of the darkness they may have to experience. They also will become very receptive regarding a spreading area of psychic influences. These extraordinary human beings have developed a great growth of sensitiveness in order to really see other human beings urgent needs, and they do their best to help them fulfill these needs.

A lot of opportunities are afforded to liquidate their karmas. These blessed people deal with soul personalities from the angle of their evolutionary standpoint. Their emotional and psychic aim is to do for others, on a lesser scale what their Cosmic master is doing for them. Our big question then, is how can we common people know when we are in the presence of such superior human beings? All I can now explain to you is that there exists a very subtle magnetic radiation arising from their auric intensity. This special radiation makes them very different from common men and women. We can also be aware a great versatility in their characters, also a ripe understanding of the profundities of human nature, including an intuitive knowledge about all crucial depths of human sorrow.

These humble writings are with the main purpose of making a silent, but very lovable tribute to these unknown daily heroes. They will never have eight column news, neither a gold, silver, or bronze medals. Please spend some time thinking about these unknown spiritual performances. Have you been lucky enough to have met such huge human beings? Think harder, you might know somebody showing the attributes described in this article.

As I always do.  I thank you from the bottom of  my loving a heart.

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