Starbucks signs JV with Tatas for Starbucks cafes in India

With so many indigenous cafe chains, will Starbucks make a difference?

Heck, yes!!  If you have been to a Cafe Coffee Day or others, you will see how it takes ages to get a simple coffee to you.  Although it comes with the nice cup and all, but its taste isn’t all that better than say of a Starbucks.

The Indian chains will be caught offguard because they do NOT have the processes to handle fast moving traffic.  They will lose where Starbucks has the upper hand – Great Beverage in alm0st No Time.

Global coffee chain Starbucks will soon be making its way to India with Tata Global Beverages formally announcing a joint venture pact with the US-based company on Monday.
“The company has entered into a joint venture with Starbucks group whereby the newly- formed joint venture company Tata Starbucks Limited shall engage in the operation of Starbucks Cafes,” Tata Global Beverages said in a regulatory filing.
Both parties had announced their intent to start Starbucks-branded cafes in India last year.
via Tatas, Starbucks sign formal pact for opening cafe chain in India – The Times of India.

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