Startup Tips from Dave Zilberman, partner @ Comcast Ventures

A very interesting discussion with David Zilberman, a venture capital guy – partner at Comcast Ventures.  He discusses the tips for startups

David Zilberman is a partner at Comcast Ventures, the venture arm of Comcast, the media giant and parent company of NBC Universal. He joined Comcast Ventures in 2006, and is responsible for identifying, executing and managing new investments while supporting existing portfolio companies. His investment focus is on enterprise IT and digital media.

Among his recent investments is Vox Media, which runs such celebrated blogs as The Verge, SB Nation and Polygon. He sees 10-15 companies a day, and in this conversation, he shares insights on entrepreneurship, startups and getting the attention of VCs like him. This was recorded after he and I were on a panel about innovation and creativity at the annual DeSilva+Philips Dealmakers Summit.  His twitter handle is @Zilberman

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