Success of Indians as Immigrants in the US

Last updated on Mar 14, 2008

Posted on Mar 14, 2008

Recently, the oft-circulated desi emails on the success of Indians was taken up by the HRD minister of India and quoted in the Parliament.  Now, the jury is still out there if these figures are correct or not.  Who knows if the percentage people hired by Microsoft is 34% or not.  But it is a fact that Indians are a successful community in the US and other countries.

We, Indians have had a rough deal in last so many centuries that now that things are looking up with our lot, we look at different ways to get acceptance.  The funny thing is that we really don’t need such acceptance from outsiders – Microsft or Google.  We are successful enough to feel happy on our own achievements even given the competition from the best in the world.  Look at this chart from from Asian Nation, which shows the different indicators amongst the various immigrant groups and the White/Black population.  In all the indicators, Indians are at the top or the second best.

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