Swami UPAji: Ram Setu not integral to Hinduism

Personally – spiritually speaking – symbols do not mean much.  But to the religious they do.

There are many who go around posing as “saviors” of some religion or the other.  Hinduism is no different.  There are the Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal kinds and then there are the zillions of Gurus who brandish their own experience and understanding and expect people to follow.  I can’t care for both.

So, there are people who get angry when the religious parties go around representing every Hindu.  And that’s fair I guess.  But then this kind of sentiment should be towards anyone who goes around giving his/her own twist to the feelings of fthe religious!

This Government has been upto that a lot – specially when it comes to breaking off the Ram Setu and constructing the channel.  To me, if the religious really feel that it is special for them then there is nothing to argue with them!  The only argument that can be made is the commercial one.  And according to many, that argument is flawed as well.

But what does the Government do?  It is trying to tell the Hindus – who Ram was or was not.. and if that did not work.. now it is coming up with more BS!!

1. Central Government has now started saying that Ram destroyed the Setu after his campaign.. based on one version of Ramayan (Kamban Ramayana).  He very well may have – but it is an affront to many religious when the Government starts to teach religion to the religious.. specially to just ONE group!  I would like this same Government try to tell the Muslims that since Babar was a god-damn barbarian.. and so a structure constructed by him was a non-starter from the beginning and could never be a good place for worship to start with!  Will they?

2. If that was not bad enough, now the Central Government starts telling the Hindus that Ram Setu is not integral to Hinduism!  Hmmmm really?  Who the f*** are you to tell me what is “integral” or not for my religion????

“It has not been proved undoubtedly to be the belief of the Hindu community that Lord Rama did not himself break the bridge. Nor has it been established that whatever remains of the Rama Setu as a piece of worship is an essential and integral part of the Hindu religion”

For all the “secular” character that the UPA stalwarts – I have never seen a more religiously screwed up Government!  They are more into teaching religion than any other!

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