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How do I Find my Guru?

You don’t.  Period.  How can you?  If you know what it is, you would have found out.  Guru is for seeking.  Seeking is when you Don’t know anything. Spiritual journey is not about information or knowledge.  For, whatever you will know mentally is one, predicated on your conditioning

09 Apr 16 5 min read

Can a Woman be a Guru?

A lady meditator asks a question – Is it better for a woman to go to a female Guru? Sadhguru answers the question and speaks about the role, or lack there of, that gender plays in being a Guru.

18 Jan 13 1 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #2: The Accidental Hindu

In our series of interacting with non-Indian Hindus, this is the second part.  The blogger writes under the pseudonym “Accidental Hindu” [].  She lives in UK, although has spent a long time in the US as well.  TAH, who traversed many paths before settling into calling herself

25 Nov 11 5 min read

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