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Indian IT Companies are Losing the Scale Game

Around 7 years back someone from India sent me a SWOT of Infosys – created by some investment analyst.  The number one strength mentioned was “Brand Value”.  Since I was from the IT industry in the US and had worked in the consulting industry for some time, it amused me.  Little

08 Oct 18 4 min read

Is the Party Over for Indian IT Companies?

Indian IT revolution has been the driving force for the Indian economy for last 25 years.  Companies like Infosys, TCS, WIPRO, HCL etc have become really large given the outsourcing of skills and work to India and Indians. Is the Party Over for Indian #IT Companies? @Infosys #WIPRO #Technology [https:

25 Aug 16 3 min read

Infosys Financial Results and its Future Contradictions

One is trying to understand Infosys and where it is going.  Honestly, I cannot make out the logic behind some of what is happening in there.  Read the following and contemplate: * Lost a major transmission client in Europe (portfolio worth $15 mn) * Pricing and Currency Fluctuations: Lost $13 mn on

12 Jul 12 2 min read

TCS gets recognized as a Top 10 Global Service Provider in China

Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co. Ltd. just got recognized as “2012 Top 10 Global Service Provider in China”.  The award was presented by China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP) in Nanjing, China. Qiqi Dong, the CEO of TCS China was obviously elated.  He reiterated his company’s commitment to

28 Jun 12 1 min read

Why Fall of Indian IT Companies is imminent?

On a typical project done by an Indian IT company, the resources in India are charged at an average of $25-35/hr.  Some years back it used to be $45, but it has steadily fallen.  The other component are the resources from Indian practice working onsite.  These resources are charged

29 May 11 8 min read

Blackberry launches Playbook tablet

As the tablet market heats up, Blackberry is coming out with its own version of its competition to iPad.  As we said in an earlier post [] , that future of computing is going to be decided by the mobile computing as opposed to laptops of today.

27 Sep 10 1 min read

Tata Consultancy to add 30,000 staff in FY11

Tata Consultancy Services, India’s top outsourcer, will hire 30,000 staff in 2010/11 on hopes of increase in demand for services from its overseas clients, a senior official said on Wednesday. “We have made offers for 14,000 new recruits and we expect to make the remaining soon,

10 Feb 10 1 min read

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