Tatas are a $100 billion Conglomerate. India’s first!

Tatas is India’s first $100 billion conglomerate.  I am not sure if many in the Indian media have noticed it and commented on this extra-ordinary milestone and achievement.

Without fanfare, Tata posted a tally of sales across its more than 100 operating companies, including 31 publicly-listed holdings, all of which report earnings separately. Combined sales soared 20% to $100.1 billion in fiscal year 2012, even as after-tax profit reportedly fell 9.4% to $5.2 billion.  Nearly three-fifths of sales came from abroad, helping Tata to hedge against an economic slowdown and weakening currency in India.

Tata’s success has been defined by the wonderful leaders in the company.  These leaders have been ahead of their time and defined the future in a very pragmatic manner.

When it was required to buy foreign companies and brands, they have and when it was required to start new industries – IT outsourcing and consulting – they did.

However, this “Salt to Software” juggernaut from India will need all its business acumen and flexibility to remain successful in future.  It would need to anticipate the future trends as well as it has done in the past.

Proudly saluting Tatas for this achievement!

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