Technical love and passion for our next generation

Falling in love has become technical.  It is no longer about feelings.  It is about the effectiveness and efficiency of the investment one makes in a relationship – both of time and money.  So, if the feelings dont match then it the match is called off!

There are web sites that use complicated formulas and scientific algorithms to match people.

If that was enough it would be fine.  The linear way of looking at love is carried forward into one’s life with new kind of phones which can second guess how a person thinks.  And if s/he is passionate in her/his love or not by analyzing the voice.

If love was about a few formulas and analyzing voice patterns then scientists would have made the best lovers.  Unfortunately, love (I am not even talking about the spiritual word called “Love”) is a far more complex feeling.  I wonder if it is possible to bottle it into some devices and spread it around?  If we can, then we might as do it between nations, between families, and groups… so we can eradicate war and suffering.  Can we?

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