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Telegram gains 3 million New User in 24 hours when Facebook Properties were down yesterday!

There was a major outage yesterday in all of the Facebook related/owned properties.  There were significant outages worldwide in Facebook (and Facebook Messenger), Instagram, and WhatsApp!  In fact the service was not restored until almost this morning US time.

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This has been a major peeve for many.  Specially those who run their businesses as influencers on Instagram.

One application which gained due to this massive outage at Facebook and WhatsApp was Telegram!  This was announced by its CEO Pavel Durov.

Just last March, in 2018, Telegram users had reached 200 million.  And in just 24 hours, the application gained over 3 million new users.  That is pretty significant for the base it had.

Facebook runs on ads which are based on the data it mines of all its users and also – now we know, thanks to Cambridge Analytica – sells our data to 3rd parties.  Telegram, on the other hand, had end-to-end encryption way back in 2013 (at least 3 years before WhatsApp had it) and runs on user donations.