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The Tibet protests and the flame issue is growing.

– IN Paris, the torch was extinguished.
– In San Francisco, its in the hiding.
– US Speaker, Nancy Pelosi speaks out against the Chinese
Leander Paes finds Olympics and Tibet to be two different issues!
– Meanwhile despite all these protests – China vows to not only keep the torch going… but take it to Tibet as well!!
– Of course, Kiran Bedi is not going to pick up the torch and run.. she is not into the money game that most of our Actors and Players who love their sponsors are!
– Meanwhile Australian PM warns China on the Human Rights abuses.. as he speaks out on Tibet…. meanwhile China lodges protests against the Australian PM to Aussies!!

– Oh yeah.. and meanwhile International Olympic Committee may be planning to abandon the torch relay all together!

This entire game is going on.. and I believe that the public ire and frustration at the nonsense from China will finally make a mark this time for the Tibetans.  And now, the Tibetans may go for the full independence – which is how it should have been!!  I am amazed at the reluctance of the world to engage China more openly!  China’s economy is a house of cards at best!  We will see in our lifetimes how it all falls down in a terrible manner.