Time to call out Rajdeep Sardesai's Crap

So, Rajdeep Sardesai says:

What if my name was Khan, I was an actor and said that being in Mumbai felt like being in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir! Time to call out the rubbish that is being put out only to get attention.


Really?  Is that the same?

When Aamir Khan had talked about being scared and leaving India that was after Junaid’s death.  A story that was made up by the media.  For, Junaid was not killed because he was a Muslim or he was eating beef.  But as her the Delhi High Court judgment, because of a seat-sharing altercation.  Something that happens in almost every crowded train or a bus in India.  Sometimes, as in that case, it escalated, unfortunately.  But it had nothing to do with Junaid’s religion or his food.

So, what if I say to you that all the Sardesais are being targeted in Mumbai.  It is just a story.  As much as Junaid’s lynching was just a story.

Just as all the lynching cases were just sick narrative building falsehoods.  Many thousands of cattle are stolen from poor farmers and smuggled out of India every month.  No one says a word about that.  Do you even realize what cattle mean to a farmer?  A cow or a buffalo is like a family member.  As also the last resort when crops go bad due to drought and there is nothing to eat for the kids.

THAT was being stolen.  It is like I steal your kid, your car, your job, and then expect you to treat me well.

You guys never even ONCE talked about those cattle smugglers killings in the perspective of the smuggling and the damage to the farmers!

So, they were basically made up stories.

Now, if you say - because all the Sardesais are being targeted in Mumbai - a fake story I tell you - that “I am scared.”


If I tell Sagarika “I will kill you” and she says “I am scared".”

Are these two statements the same?


One is a general made-up threat based on a false narrative.

The other is a specific threat to a person.

What the “Khans” did was the former.

What Kangana spoke of was the latter.

So, yes IT IS TIME TO CALL OUT THE RUBBISH!  India is actually done with the devious crap that you peddle as journalism.

But like we say - An honest so-called liberal journalist is one, who when bought, sells his soul and his mother along with it.

That is all there is to your tweet.  Really.

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