Top 15 Finance and Investment related Sites from India

Last updated on Dec 30, 2010

Posted on Dec 30, 2010


Unlike, US, in India there isn’t enough information on the investments, finance and markets.  Not just the news, the retail investors need information.  Which is very little for most part.  For a such a large country, the number of online sites which provide information are very less.  Just a handful actually.  Here is a list that I drew up.  If you know of any other, then please suggest it in the comments sections, and I will add it here.

Economic Times: Although part of the Times of India stable, it is still perhaps the best Investment news site.

BusinessToday:  This is another site I would use.

LiveMint: Hindustan Times and Wall Street Journal Collaboration.  The collaboration with WSJ means much better quality of content in there.

ICICI Direct: Although mostly related to ICICI’s services but has good information and news under the Do your research and Markets tabs.

National Stock Exchange: Mostly geared towards the informational content from the National Stock of India, but has very good graphs for the market.

EquityMaster:  Has premium services with research reports and recommendations.  Information to research stocks and the markets.  You can learn basics of most sectors.  The site could have been created in a better way as the blogs have been forcibly “patched on”.  Don’t follow seamlessly with the themes.

MyIRIS:  majority of the content – news and analysis – is free.  They also have forums, but again the issue is of the way site has been created.  Very poorly.

ShareKhan: This has been a #1 finance/investment website for many years in many rankings.  They have useful research, most of which is premium, but you can still get a lot of analysis for free.  Definitely worth a visit.

PersonalFN:  This site is to sell the company’s financial planning services/products.  Not much information/analysis to be read unfortunately.

MoneyControl: This is by far the best Investment information website from India – with loads of content to read, analyze and learn from and the site creation is user friendly and modern.

ValueResearch: Part of the Value Research company – which has a big Mutual Fund Database started from the vision of Dhirendra Kumar.  I found it apalling that they would place Google ads so shamelessly.. specially where they are trying to sell their flagship products.  Seems like they aren’t so confident that their products can be sold much, so why not get some Google money?!

ValueNotes:  Has some interesting articles, but overall its not the best done of the web sites around.  Kinda ok.

InsuranceMall: Lead creation website.  Not much gyan on Insurance if you were looking for it.

ApnaLoan: Lead Creation site for loans.  Again, not much gyan.

SeekingAlpha / India: Although not strictly India related site, but has some articles on the Indian markets.

The links below are not related to India, but have loads of great links that one can use very well.  Warning: a lot of the links do not work now, so check them well, before citing anywhere.

Research Links for Finance:

Ohio State University
Virtual Finance Library

For Executives
Investment Banks

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