Top 15 Marketing Trends for 2013

In a very interesting presentation, Rohit Bhargava has identified 15 marketing trends for 2013, that the companies can use profitably.  They are:

  1. Shoptimization: “New mobile apps and startups let consumers optimize the process of buying everything from fashion to medical prescriptions.”medical SEO can be used in this instance.
  2. Partnership Publishing: “Aspiring authors and publishing professionals team up to create a new”do-it-together” models of publishing.”
  3. Human Banking: “Aiming to change years of growing distrust, banks finally uncover their human side by taking a more simple and direct approach to services and communication.”
  4. MeFunding: “Crowdfunding evolves beyond films or budding entrepreneurs to offer anyone the opportunity to seek “me-funding” to do anything from taking a life changing trip to funding a college education.”
  5. Powered by Women: “Business leaders, pop culture and ground- breaking new research intersect to prove that our ideal future will be led by women.”
  6. Method Consulting: “Successful entrepreneurs and companies create”on-the-side” consulting models to help others duplicate their success.”
  7. Precious Print: “Thanks to our digital-everything culture, the few objects and moments we choose to interact with in print become more valuable.”
  8. Backstorytelling: “Organizations uncover that one of their greatest assets to inspire loyalty can come from taking people behind the scenes of their brand and history.”
  9. Social Visualization: “Visualization goes beyond data to let people visualize their own social profiles, and conversations online.”
  10. Healthy Content: “Healthcare organizations feel pressure to create more useful and substantial health content to satisfy increasingly empowered patients who have become unreachable through purely marketing or advertising messages. “
  11. Degree-Free Learning: “Quality of E-learning content explodes as more students consider alternatives to traditional college educations.”
  12. Friend-Sourced Travel: “New and old friends change the travel experience by curating where to go, and offering more local authentic experiences.”
  13. MicroInnovation: “Thinking small becomes the new competitive advantage as slight changes to features or benefits create big value.”
  14. Hyper-Local Commerce: “New services andtechnology makes iteasier for anyone toinvest in localbusinesses and buyfrom local merchants.”
  15. Heroic Design: “Design takes a leadingrole in the introductionof new products, ideasand campaigns tochange the world. “

Check out the presentation:

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