The Trump Global Nightmare

The Trump Global Nightmare

When I looked at what Arvind Kejriwal had to offer to Delhi with his so-called “revolutionary” ideas, I knew they didn’t make any sense. If he tried to implement even one of them, it would bankrupt Delhi completely. His perfidious ways were all over his demeanor. He knew he was lying about the “good things in life” and anyone looking just below the words also knew that, but everyone still gave him a resounding victory. Only to see a Delhi that has slid into complete chaos.

Trump’s victory will be far more seriously nightmarish than that. It will bring chaos to the world that we just cannot imagine. Let us watch these three videos which capture the emotions and reasons why I have consistently been warning against a Trump victory.

Markets and Economy will tank

The markets have crashed in Europe and in Asia.  These markets are also impacting many currencies and futures are down substantially.  World is much different than we think from our narrow ways and the markets are built on the VERY economic system that Trump had riled against.  If – a big if- he were to implement what he said he would, we can be assured that things will go downhill from here for the world at large.   Economist Paul Krugman puts its very succinctly in the New York Times opinion piece.

Now comes the mother of all adverse effects – and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work.  Effective fiscal support for the Fed?  Not a chance.  In fact, you can bet that the Fed will lose its independence, and be bullied by cranks.
So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.

The wiping off of wealth in the near future will be tremendous!

Many economic predictions for the United States under a Trump presidency have been grim, and one advisory firm told Yahoo Finance that his win could cause the S&P 500’s market value to drop by 7% — tantamount to over a $1 trillion loss of wealth.
An open letter in the Wall Street Journal published Nov. 1 — signed by 370 economists, eight of whom are Nobel laureates — warned that a Trump economic plan could have devastating consequences, describing him as “a dangerous, destructive choice for the country.”

Already $35 billion have been wiped out in the Australian market in a single day after the Trump victory!  Meanwhile the Mexican peso fell down substantially in the world markets.

Rise of the Unabashed  Racism and White Supremacy Movement

The entire campaign for Donald Trump was built on the back of hatred and bigotry with racism upfront.  It was obvious

During the race, Ku Klux Klan‘s offician newspaper – Crusader (with obvious religious connotations) had endorsed and supported Trump.

“‘Make America Great Again!’ It is a slogan that has been repeatedly used by Donald Trump in his campaign for the presidency,” Pastor Thomas Robb wrote in the Crusader. “You can see it on the shirts, buttons, posters and ball caps such as the one being worn here by Trump speaking at a recent rally. … But can it happen? Can America really be great again? This is what we will soon find out!”
“While Trump wants to make America great again, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What made America great in the first place?'” the article continues. “The short answer to that is simple. America was great not because of what our forefathers did — but because of who our forefathers were.
“America was founded as a White Christian Republic. And as a White Christian Republic it became great.”

Meanwhile after the victory, David Duke, the ex-KKK leader congratulated Trump and also thanked Wikileaks for their help!

Duke, who unsuccessfully ran for Louisiana Senate, told his Twitter followers: “Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!”
In another tweet he said: “Donald J. Trump now has the chance to become one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived – we have the moral high ground, 100%!”

No matter what spin the Trump followers and fans use, the connivance and close workings – along with dovetailing of Social and Religious agenda is unmistakable!  We are looking at the return and legitimacy of a White Christian Republic – as KKK crusader Pastor Robb terms US as.

Intolerance for the “other”

Accepting the “other” is the basis of democracy.  Without being tolerant to, if not gracious, to people who are not “like you” is where the real power of diversity in a democracy comes from.  Trump and his supporters have been simply aggressive and even violent against people of many hues.  Here is a video that takes a look at the history of his campaign.

In rally after rally, Trump supporters and staff threw out people purely on their looks and ethnicity – Indian thrown, Boy with Cerebral Palsy thrown out of Trump rally, Black Man thrown and called a thug, Muslim woman thrown out.  There are many examples over the last 2 years of campaigning where the Trump supporters showed utter lack of humanity or basic tolerance.

Whacky Ideas of the Commander-in-Chief

Let us look at some of his ideas which are whacky and stupid at best and extremely dangerous at their worst.

Make NATO countries pay: The very reason why US created NATO and assumed the leadership after the World War II was to ensure that no other power – other than sworn enemies like USSR – would stand up in the world to counter it.  If Germany, France and Japan were left on their own to handle their defense, they could easily threaten and compete with American hegemony.  Managing a world with a powerful Japan and Germany fully equipped with their weapons and having their own minds – along with a strong Russia and China – would be so much more difficult.  Therefore the need for something like NATO, which in some ways “dumbs down” the powers like Japan and Germany to follow the diktats of US in terms of global geopolitics.  And that power and privilege comes at a cost.  Leadership of former world powers is not free.  Unleash Japan and Germany in a global situation where China is asserting aggressively and Russia is in bed – albeit secretly – with it, and we have a world that will see geopolitical chaos where everyone is on its own.

Bring Manufacturing Jobs:  When you go buy something at Walmart, you should remember that part of your grocery bill is being paid for by (subsidized) by the Chinese Government.  When Chinese companies manufacture stuff, their government pay a large part for it.  Read about the complete imbecility and stupidity of this in far more detail.

Subdue Muslims and Arab countries: With respect to Mosul, he talked about the “element of surprise”, and he has taken away that element exactly out of the American strategy in Middle East.  Instead of creating a flexible coalition of different forces so the many rogues in Middle East could be “managed”, we will now have a guy at the helm who wants to fire everyone in Middle East and be the sheriff!  This strategy assumes the supremacy of Western Universalism!  That everyone is stupid and only America and Americans can do what they want!  Well, world doesn’t work like that.


However much it may seem to people in the US, the world is NOT the US!   World is smart, strong and intelligent.  US leaders acknowledged that post WWII and created institutions which ensured that US could “manage” the world while assuming its leadership.  The Soviet Bloc was the only competition to it in a world where it had the backing of not just the entire Europe but also some of its puppets – some rogues and evil – in Middle East.  That is how the world was managed by the US knowing fully well that if playing field was leveled, many in the world could unhinge it sooner or later.

That system is threatened today.  And, its not just Russia but also China – who are preparing and pushing to redraw boundaries and to create situations which are setting the stage for a much more dangerous world.  As we sit here looking at Trump take charge, China is building a floating Nuclear plant in the South China sea.  Throw in very powerful countries “left in the lurch” by scrapping of NATO’s main responsibilities like Japan and India in that place, and we have the most explosive place in the world.

In a time of complete chaos and an explosive situation, we have chosen the guy with a match-stick to save the world.

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