Twitter access blocked in parts of Pakistan

A lot of dictators and high strung powerful caricatures in Bollywood movies announce with certain grand standing voice – “Meri Ijazzat ke bina yahan koi parinda bhi nahin aa sakta” (without my permission, not even a bird can enter my area).

Well Pakistani Government loves to make that happen in the virtual world. It seems that it has surreptiously blocked the Twitter bird to enter their country in certain areas at least. Just that they are coy about clearly saying it.

So, while the Interior Minister Rehman Malik keeps announcing from his tweets – Dear all, I assure (you) that Twitter and (Facebook) will continue in our country and it will not be blocked. (Please) do not believe in rumours – the access to Twitter in Islamabad and parts of Rawalpindi is blocked. People aren’t able to access it from either their computers or their mobile phones.

It is probably the cartoon caricatures again at the center of it all.

TV news channels had quoted Information Technology Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf as saying that the government could restrict access to Twitter and Facebook as the sites were being used to circulate blasphemous caricatures.

Meanwhile, hopefully the little bird will make its way into the “Land of Pure”.

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