Twitter has a "Market Cap" of $1 billion

Now shouldn’t the value of a company depend on what it produces?  It has 60 employees and loads of messages floating around.  Everyone else – those making apps for Twitter – are making money BUT Twitter!  So where does the money come from?  Unless Google buys it and adds Google adds somehow to every message .. no other company could really have a viable business model around it.

Can you think of any other business model around Twitter, despite its fad-like popularity??

Twitter, which has no discernible revenue, is set to raise about $100 million of new funding that would value the company at around $1 billion, a person briefed on the company’s plans said on Thursday.For context, that is almost double the market capitalization of Domino’s Pizza, which has 10,500 employees and had $1.4 billion in sales last year.
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Twitter’s market capitalization to reach $1 billion

Tags: Twitter, SocialNetworking

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