US Af-Pak expert echoes Drishtikone's warning

Last updated on May 13, 2009

Posted on May 13, 2009


I haven’t kept up with my twitter messages.  Today I looked at them and saw the link from @arunsark (Thanks Arun!).  He sent me a link from CNN-IBN where the leading Af-Pak US expert is warning that another 26/11 style attack on India is a “serious” possibility.[1]

Bruce Riedel is the guy.  He is extremely important from US standpoint as Obama had appointed him as chair of White House review to overhaul of U.S. policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan by April, which he has already presented.  A lot of what is happening in Pakistan – specifically the change in tone and direction of US-Pakistan relationship is due to the assessment of Riedel.

Riedel has said categorically that “there is a serious risk of another Mumbai-style attack.”.  As Arun pointed out to me via his tweet, Riedel seems to echo what this post on Drishtikone had warned against.

Reference Link:

1. India faces risk of another 26/11-style attack: US expert

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