Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!

Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!

As the morning of November 9th 2016 dawns on the US, the election results show that Hillary Clinton has won 375 electoral votes while Donald Trump has won only 125.  This is a moment of reckoning – as strange it may seem – for the US.  The rout of Trump has been complete and unprecedented and now Hillary is readying to be the next President of the US.

But Trump has other ideas.  He rejects the outcome and raises the rhetoric of the rigged elections to a rather shrill level.  In fact, he adds the impact of the outcome to the 2nd Amendment right and pushes the “Americans to fight” for their 2nd Amendment rights.  An obvious code-word for an open coup and riot.

Riots start off in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana and other states with gangs of White Supremacists breaking the businesses and houses and shooting at anyone who looks other-than-pure white!  Remember Benjamin Franklin and his pernicious racism and take a look outside your window.

The law enforcement is out but it is often a full-fledged battle out there.

During this time, US has no new President and the outcome is being litigated in the court on the pretext of “voter fraud” that does not exist!

By the time Obama calls out the Army, the impact to the economy and the polity of the US is beyond measure.

It takes two weeks to settle the court case.  But by then US has descended into complete chaos.

Calls for secession by those who are nostalgic of Confederate forces of the Civil War is raised and grows.  Trump endorses it and calls for a “Greater America” to unite under the “Anti-Hillary” forces.  That is the bugle call for Confederates to go on to further raise their actions.

It is now time for the military to come in.  But it is already divided as well.  Generals are secret sympathizers of the Confederate lovers.

A nation with its heart ripped in half is dripping blood and its existence is being torn apart.

In that chaos, Putin is watching.  As he watched when USSR was ripped apart by Reagan’s political work.  And he smiles at the irony of how Reagan’s party ultimately was doing to the US what Reagan did to the USSR.

As the US is culturally, politically and ethnically breaking apart, outgoing President Obama and Incoming President-to-be Hillary Clinton have to take a tough decision.  A decision that only one other American had to take in this country’s entire history – Lincoln.  It is time to take America back.  Not just put a lid on the spiral that has been unleashed on the country by Putin’s Puppet, but to purge the highest echelons of the sympathizers of that “movement”.

Trump is the new Nazi.  But one with sympathies.  A long battle starts within US to come back from the brink of being another Banana Republic.  Many who shared their prejudice with Trump albeit not his goals now either count their losses – even dead – and wipe their tears at what was lost in this great nation, while they rode their hatred with passion.

Featured Image: Flickr

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