Why Human Spirit has little future in India

This guy is one, who is the most loathed of the terrorists (if there could be a classification) by the Kashmiri Pandits. Why? You will know that automatically when you listen to this interview. Just listen to the answers and the information he gives to one of the most renowned journalists in Indian media today – Manoj Raghuvamshi. It is just mind-boggling at the extent of dehumanizing that occurs in the name of religion and “freedom”! So, when we talk about justice and religious freedom – then I think we all need to pause for a moment and think what we are saying!

Also, when we fight those who plant bombs in the trauma center of a hospital (killing those who are fighting death itself!), you know what mindset they have and whom they are following in the first place!!

Now, this was then – when he was caught. The LOUSY and the shameful judicial system of India – and the absolutely downright racist and communal that the entire gang of Human Right activist community that we have – this man was set free! Yes, he was set free AFTER what he says here.

And then we wonder in India why innocents are attacked? When the butchers – without remorse for their inhuman actions – get freedom then its a certain eventuality.. isnt it? When you VALUE Bittas of the world, you automatically devalue the most basic human spirit! The choice is our.

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