Women over 40 are enjoying Sex and Extra marital Affairs

Women over 40 are enjoying Sex and Extra marital Affairs

Extra marital affairs are on the rise in many countries amongst women over 40 years.

In the premenopausal stage, when the estrogen – the female sex hormone is decreasing, then she feels a lot of changes. One of the things puberty brings is also an increase in oxytocin – the hormone that makes them more “we” centered.. as nurturers. Estrogen and Oxytocin are nurturing hormones – making the women attentive to others’ needs and forget themselves. As the 40s approach, the production of these hormones decrease and the women like to be “themselves” – the “me” in them starts coming up.[2]

US government statistics show that after age 50, 65% of divorces are initiated by women, contrary to the conventional wisdom that maybe men leave their menopausal wives. This shows that women want sex just as much as men. Obviously, this is not the same for all women as some men still experience what is known as a dead bedroom, where the sex is unenthusiastic. But perhaps if women start to notice small changes, their partner could spice up their sex life and make it more pleasurable. In another survey in the UK of 2000 women by Health Plus magazine, while 77% felt that sex life was best in their 40s and 82% felt that sex was as important to them in that age as it ever had been. On the other hand, men were having a harder time with sex because as they get older, the more common it is to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This leaves a lot of relationships in need of “spicing up” but luckily there are lots of ways to increase libido, such as taking Spanish Fly Drops (spanishflydrops.com). It’s not only those who are struggling in the bedroom that uses this though, as many just use it to take their relationship to the next level. In US, the women in their 40s wanted to have sex more often than the younger women.[1]

In a detailed survey done in 1994, called General Society Survey by National Opinion Research Center, it was observed that the extramarital affairs amongst women peaked in the 40-49 years old group, while for men it was highest during 60-69 year old group. In this day and age of the internet, there are plenty of services such as


that give people many exciting options when it comes to sex, which may contribute to why both men and women, in general, seem to be struggling with maintaining faithful lifelong relationships.[3] A study from University of New Hampshire also put the most common age for women to have affairs is 45 while men it is 55.

As one of the women in the Guadian says, that sex after 40 is great, “but it is not with my husband. To be absolutely honest, he’s the last man on the planet I’d want to have sex with.” – women are most prone to discovering sex at over 40 but in avenues that they haven’t traveled before. As the UK said, the highest rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are also highest in the women of age group 45-54 (for men it is 55-60!). Women at any age can have all the fun that they want, with or without their husbands. It is still important to practise safe sex, as the risk of contracting an STI is not worth it. It can be as simple as getting tested for std to make sure for certain that you are not carrying any infections, especially if you are someone who enjoys sex. [1] Menopause and more individuality lead women and men at that age to throw away the cares of unwanted pregnancy and enjoy the most primal way of entertainment known to humans – Sex!

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