WordPress Offerings coming together

WordPress is also undergoing changes and progressing by leaps and bounds.  It all started with WordPress and then came bbPress, and then WordPress MU (the multi-user) version.. and finally the BuddyPress – which are a bunch of WordPress MU plug-ins that make it a very powerful social network and community platform.

Now, WordPress has annonced that they are bringing “all together”.  Not as in one platform.. but more like all the tools on the same website.. on the WordPress MU site.

I think compared to Joomla and Drupal, WordPress does have a credible set of offerings in its stable now.  Although I am sure it will take time for a complete stable combination but things are getting really interesting out there!  Any body out there who has an opinion on this and the comparisons between WordPressMU stable and Drupal and Joomla options?

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