XIII Century Time Travelling —- Part One

Last updated on Nov 6, 2008

Posted on Nov 6, 2008


Part one

Let’s choose the year 1,222 A.D the date? It’s today’s date.
The countries picked out are:  Egypt, Spain, England, Italy, Turkey, India, China, Mexico and Peru.

The experienced had by many people interested in time travelling strongly suggested traveling mentally to the foot of The Sphinx. It has a secret pass way, a very long tunnel that ends in the middle of the Great Pyramid. There is a ladder that goes all the way up until we enter the King’s Chamber. Here in this sacred place when we suddenly realize that its four granite walls have been the easy way to travel both to safe time travel as well as direct channel to all the countries on Earths surface. It would be a good idea to start around these three pyramids plus the Eternal Sphinx. At what walking distance is the Nile River?

If we choose three different times to explore around we will have three different kinds of experiences. The suggested hours are: sunrise, four o’clock and ten o’clock at night. Usually History books don’t mention the beautiful nights only lit by the moon and the stars. Also the fresh morning hours of every sunrise, how we are able to listen to birds sounds, also the fragrances from water, forests, deserts and many more everyday common things, for example the pleasant odors coming from places where bread was baked. After spending at least three days spent trying to absorb everything we are ready to do the same with our current location; neighborhood, home, hometown, state and country. Remember today’s date in 1,222 A.D.
End of part one.

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