Zardari's antics or Shia vs Sunni issue?

Now, Asif Zardari of Pakistan Peoples Party is suddenly interested in becoming the Prime Minister after having pushed Makhdoom Amin Fahim’s name. Rift within PPP?

Meanwhile, was something wrong with Fahim?  Read this comment from Syed Jamaluddin on my blog post at desicritics:

According to reliable reports received by “divide pakistan team”, saudi government has instructed president pervez musharraf not to have a shia prime minister of pakistan. On this development, president pervez musharraf called asif zardari and requested him to withdraw nomination of makhdoom amin fahim as prime minister. According to an anonymous isi’s spokesman, pakistan being a socalled sunni/wahabi state, a shia cannot be a prime minister in this country.

I tried to search for Fahim’s profile details but could only find one on Pakistan Elections – which did not say anything about his religious affiliation.

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