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15 crore pending court cases in India will clog the system by 2040; already do actually!

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One doesn’t know what to call it except “Breakdown of India’s Judiciary System”.  With the volume of cases that we are looking at, and the number of judges that we have, there is no way we can handle the who Judiciary system properly.

The cry for speedy justice is going to be shriller in the next three decades as a conservative judicial estimate predicts that case pendency is going to register a five-fold increase to touch 15 crore but the judge strength will go up only four times to settle at 75,000.  At present, nearly 19,000 judges, including 18,000 in trial courts, are dealing with a pendency of 3 crore cases, resulting in a civil case lasting for nearly 15 years…

That will be 150 million cases for just 75,000 judges.  Its 2000 cases per judge per year!  If you take out the days for vacation, then you have an unsurmountable burden.  There is no way these cases can be resolved ever.  So, the entire Justice system is stacked up against the victim and heavily favors the Criminal.  Because if this is the speed, the Criminals can rest assured in the comfort that their case will never come up.  That is why one of the greatest skill that lawyers have is to get the case “postponed”.


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