1.6 million ancient manucripts found and being documented in India!

1.2 million manuscripts from ancient and medieval India have been documented by National Manuscripts Mission in India.  Now it is digitizing them.

These include: Smriti, Dana, Abhiseka, Upanayana, Vrata and Puranas like Buddha Purana, Sthalapurana and Jaina Purana.  These documents are in all sorts of languages: Assamese, Gujarati, Himachali, Kashmiri, Kannada, Sanskrit, Arabic, Dvanagari, Oriya, Persian etc.

It is amazing that despite all the changes in the Indian demography how documents of great value were created!

NMM has found 1.6 million manuscripts from all over India – areas such as Kaula in Kashmir, Bhairava in western India and Yamala in Central India!  Of these 50,000 are on Tantra science and practices.

NMM has the task of documenting and conserving them from across the country.  Indeed a laudable work!

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