26/11 was NOT a Terror Attack, but War Against India by Pakistan!

Major Sameer and Col. Humza – two ISI personnel were clearly involved in the entire operation.

What I find interesting is that these ISI people provided:

  • Complete training
  • Arms and Ammunition – Major Sameer brought several boxes of bullets which were used in the attack
  • Logistic support after the attack so Abu Jindal never got arrested.

Two terrorists, who were trained but they stayed back and also “saving” Abu Jindal by the ISI points clearly to another attack in planning.  The fact that the Indian agencies have already started raiding certain places, shows the seriousness of the whole thing – the sleepers cells may be dangerously close to another attack.  Especially so with the arrest of Abu Jindal and him having divulged so much.

Was 26/11 a Terrorist Attack Or War by Pakistani Military State Agencies on India?

If the Military state agencies (ISI is part of Pakistan Army and its officers are on loan to ISI) have directly orchestrated the attack on India, with complete training and support, then can 26/11 be called a Terrorist Attack??

It was a War that was unleashed.  Targeted, specific and deadly.

To call it a terrorist attack is to fool ourselves.  I am not concerned whether Pakistan is a terrorist state or not, the fact is that it IS a State!  And, one finds it everywhere – in UN and in other agencies.  And nothing takes away the fact that the establishment of a country orchestrated, armed, and managed an entire attack with specially trained COMMANDOS on Indian soil!

So, for India, this is NOT a Law and Order situation.  But a National Security situation.  It requires a National response that a nation attacked by another requires.  It befuddles me how “matter of fact” this entire thing of 26/11 is being handled in the national psyche.

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